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Security Clearance

A security clearance is a valuable asset.  A security clearance makes you more appealing to prospective employers and can possibly increase your current salary.

At any given time in the United States, there are roughly 3 million people with security clearances.  Not surprisingly, a large majority of people with security clearances hold jobs with private defense contractors, such as Raytheon.  However, many different industries, such as the medical, telecommunications, education, and financial fields, are requiring security clearances.  People in these fields handle sensitive materials every day. Employers often require background checks and security clearances.

In this day and age, when we all worry about sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, the federal government is scrutinizing applications for and renewals of security clearances closer than ever before.  The government also is reviewing current security clearances with an eye towards the heightened security needs facing the United States today. 

Do not let yourself get swept up in the government’s heightened scrutiny.  If your application for a security clearance has been denied or your current security clearance is threatened or has been revoked, you can protect yourself.  You have the right to have an attorney assist you at both a revocation hearing and an appeal.

Because your security clearance is an important and valuable asset, it is important that you have an attorney who understands how the administrative review process works. Revocation of a security clearance is handled by the Department of Defense (DOD), not your employer.  The Department of Defense operates its security clearance program separate from other agencies, with its own procedures and standards.  You should not attempt to deal with the Department of Defense without representation.  Whether you need assistance in applying for a security clearance or in challenging the denial or revocation of a security clearance, Heurlin Sherlock can help. 

Heurlin Sherlock uses every available resource to ensure that you present the best case for retaining your security clearance.  Heurlin Sherlock has used psychologists, polygraph tests, and detailed psychological tests to prove that retention of a security clearance is in the best interest of national security.  

Bruce R. Heurlin, one of the firm’s founding shareholders, began his career at the United States Department of Justice and later became an Assistant United States Attorney.  Bruce Heurlin worked as both a federal criminal prosecutor and in the U.S. Attorney’s Office Civil Section.  Bruce Heurlin has many years experience as an attorney, arbitrator, judge pro tem, and mediator.  Bruce Heurlin has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America and one of the Best Lawyers in Tucson and a Southwest Super Lawyer.

Heurlin Sherlock will provide you with the highest quality representation to make sure that you have the best chance of obtaining or keeping a security clearance.  For an initial consultation of your case, please call Heurlin Sherlock or visit our website at www.aztoplawyers.com